NAB to CRB: Take them down.

piggy-bank-streamingThe NAB is asking the Copyright Royalty Board basically to start over with broadcasters streaming audio license fees, arguing that the current rates are based on “flawed evidence” using a 2007 CRB decision to model broadcasters streaming rates on selected licenses negotiated between major record labels and specific customizable streaming services. According to the filing, of the seven streaming services used in the 2007 decision, only one is still active, proving that the rates were too high in the first place. The NAB further points out that most broadcasters “cannot make money on streaming, despite having made significant efforts to do so.  Some have reached a business decision to limit their streaming or not to stream at all, despite the potential to expand their listening audience. For all of these reasons, a significant rate reset is necessary so that streaming can be a viable business that will allow broadcasters to provide streaming services to the audiences that rely on them and benefit from them.”