MusicFIRST responds to LRFA.

The executive director of the record-industry group, Chris Israel, had this to say about the introduction of the Local Radio Freedom Act in both chambers of Congress: “It’s a new year, we have a new Congress and as of last week, a new administration. Someone may want to tell the Big Radio lobby that 2017 represents change on all fronts in Washington, DC. They are rolling out the exact same non-binding resolution, defending the same government subsidy they have been protecting for decades. Crony capitalism and big government subsidies seem to be on their way out, but Big Radio is asking Congress to once again protect it from the free market—a free market where every other music platform compensates artists for the music that drives their business. The musicFIRST coalition believes that Congress will see this resolution for what it is—a PR play by Big Radio—and instead tackle the injustices affecting our nation’s music creators. The last six Administrations of both parties have supported performance rights and fair pay for music creators. A new administration focused on American competitiveness and draining the swamp will find a great target in eliminating Big Radio’s decades-old subsidy.”