musicFIRST makes preemptive strike.

The record-industry group has sent a letter to Congress urging them to “resist Big Radio’s lobbying efforts.” According to the letter, “musicFIRST pursues one goal—that market-based principles drive compensation for all artists and creators whenever and however their music is played.” Anticipating the NAB’s effort in each new session of Congress to garner support for the Local Radio Freedom Act, the letter states, “Big Radio is again this Congress asking Members to sign a House Resolution, supported by old facts and crony capitalist logic, stating that big corporate radio should never pay for its only input—music. We strongly urge you not to cosponsor this controversial resolution, the so called “Local Radio Freedom Act.” It is seeking to tie the hands of the House Judiciary committee which has been working very hard to find consensus market-based solutions to this issue for several years.”