Music industry scores a TKO.

The Radio Music License Committee (RMLC) was slammed by a federal magistrate judge in Pennsylvania for its antitrust suit against upstart music licensor Global Music Rights. Judge Lynne Starski ruled, “There is no basis in fact or law to assert personal jurisdiction over GMR in Pennsylvania and therefore, venue in this judicial district is improper,” further opining that the RMLC filing in that state—home to no artists, writers, publishers, offices, meetings, or business transactions on either side—was purely for tactical advantage. GMR founder Irving Azoff called the ruling “a vindication of what we have said all along.” In a statement, the RMLC said it was “disappointed in the preliminary ruling,” but noted that the ruling was merely a recommendation , and in any event has nothing to do withe merits of the lawsuit itself. The RMLC plans to appeal.