Local radio station targeted for “Redskins” ties.



The host and producers of noncommercial radio program “The American Indian’s Truths” have challenged the renewal of WWXX/Buckland, Virginia over the use of the word “Redskins” on the air. Native American radio host Jay Winter Nightwolf and his two producers sent a Preliminary Formal Petition to Deny Renewal to the FCC, asking that Nightwolf be added to George Washington University professor John Banzhaf’s already-filed Petition to Deny. An attached affidavit authored by Nightwolf asserts, “It appears that the station uses the word ‘R*dskins’ unnecessarily and very frequently, probably much more frequently than most other stations.” He goes on to say, “I have experienced and/or witnessed harm to myself and/or to other Native Americans which I believe was caused by the frequent repetitive use of the word ‘R*dskins’ on the air.”

Meanwhile, the National Religious Broadcasters have sent a letter opposing Banzhaf’s petition. NRB President/CEO Jerry A. Johnson is concerned that the use of the team name is being defined as “hate speech” by Banzhaf, noting that he and others are using the term “in an attempt to expunge opposing viewpoints from the marketplace of ideas.”

Oh by the way, WWXX is owned by R*dskins owner Dan Snyder.

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