Local digital grows like crazy.

Borrell has just released a new report on local digital advertising, in which CEO Gordon Borrell writes, “In 2015, it’s clear that targeted banners and video advertising are hot, and paid search and static display are not. There’s also the mobile effect. Last year 38% of all online advertising was delivered on a mobile device; by 2019, we expect it to be 70%.” That doesn’t mean it’s game over for traditional media, however, which Borrell says “are still a significant market force. At the end of 2014, they accounted for more than two thirds of all advertising buys.” However, Borrell warns, “Digital has gained shares faster than any other ‘new media’ over the past century. It took radio 25 years to peak at a 15% share of all advertising by the late 1940s, and it took television 34 years to peak at a 22% share. Digital blew past both of those markers in 12 years.”