It’s now officially an avalanche.

It seems that photographers are getting wise to the fact that radio stations are violating their copyrights big time, and there is money to be made therein. Let’s recap what happened in the last week or so:

Jesse Ward has sued iHeartMedia over the use of a photograph of Foxy Brown on the WBFA/Columbus, GA website.

David Oppenheimer is suing Townsquare Media for using a 2008 photo of Greg Allman on the KYGL/Texarkana, AR website.

A photographer named Christopher Sadowski, who recently sued iHeartMedia over unauthorized use of his work on one of their station websites, has moved on to Townsquare Media for the unauthorized use of several more photos on websites of its radio station. Sadowski is asking for actual or statutory damages costs—a minimum of $2500 and the maximum of $25,000—for the alleged violations.

Paul Bereswill is suing Cumulus Media for the unauthorized use of his photos of prominent sports figures on the WABC/New York website. He is looking for damages and profits, or the statutory $150,000 per work, plus costs and fees.