Is your current iPad obsolete? Maybe not.

ipads-trashAs expected, Apple has introduced a slew of upgraded products and a new operating system. “The world’s thinnest tablet” is, according to the company, the iPad Air 2, which is about 6 mm thick, nearly 20% thinner than the first version. Also announced was the official start of Apple Pay. Which debuts on Monday (10/20) with the support of 500 banks in the United States, along with major retailers like Starbucks, Macy’s and McDonald’s. The iPhone 6 series has a special chip that enables users to sign into their Apple Pay accounts using the Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

But in an unprecedented move, Apple will continue to build and sell the most recent line of iPads as well, for about $100 cheaper across the board—and major retailers are discounting even further. Editor’s $0.02: This may be one of those rare times when you’re better off to keep, or buy, the previous iteration, since most reviewers are saying the new models aren’t that different. In fact, one reviewer went so far as calling Apple’s Thursday unveiling “the most boring new-product launch ever.”