IRFA Supporter Does Some Explaining

One of the major supporters of the Internet Radio Fairness Act, Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), spoke last week at the Future of Music Coalition Summit in Washington, and took the opportunity to talk up the bill and condemn the record industry.

Wyden said, “For much of the last half-century, the music business has essentially been a vertically-integrated industry managed by a few big record companies. These are the companies who in my view are using uncompetitive practices to crowd out the competition on radio and TV and record stores and elsewhere. They are the people who made ‘payola’ a household word. The result in my view is less artistic innovation, and fewer innovations that will be widely shared and consumed.”

Wyden had this to say about the IRFA: “If video killed the radio Star, let’s hope that digital revives the American music industry.”