iPhone 5 unveiled

Earlier last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior VP/Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller debuted the eagerly-awaited next generation smart phone. The device is entirely made of glass and aluminum; it weighs just under four ounces, and is about a quarter of an inch thick; it is a little bit taller and more energy efficient than its predecessors.

Improvements over the iPhone 4: longer battery life (up to 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing); better camera (40 percent faster image capture, Panorama and Shared Photo Streams); more microphones (three of them, for better voice recognition and noise cancellation); upgraded operating system (iOS 6); and a more versatile SIRI (she can report sports scores, launch apps, make restaurant reservations, and cite Rotten Tomatoes movie reviews).

The company created a bit of a stir by announcing that no previous adapters will work with the new phone. (It has been reported that Apple grosses about $1 billion a year on accessories for its various devices.)

The new phone will be available on September 21 through Sprint, AT&T and Verizon, with the same pricing as for the iPhone 4S when it was first introduced. (When the new phone is introduced, the 4S will cost just $99 with contract; its predecessor, the iPhone 4, is free with contract.)