Internet streaming put to good use.

irockradioThis happens from time to time around the country, and it serves as a thought-sparker for innovative ways you can use Internet streaming as a brand extension on the blocking device: Last summer a popular legendary Rock station in Hartford was sold and changed format, leaving a gaping format void in this Rock-friendly college town.

Another Hartford legend, Dick Robinson, who began his career as a night jock but ended up a group owner and all-purpose entrepreneur, is relaunching that radio station as “iRockRadio,” complete with program director Mike Karolyi and most of the original staff. According to Robinson, “We live in a connected world today. It’s rare to go anywhere without finding people staring into their smart phones. And now, automakers are launching a new era of connected automobiles. All of this points to tremendous growth potential as car manufacturers continue to roll out models with Wi-Fi.’s audience will be the ones most likely to welcome and embrace these changes.”

Editor’s $0.02: Kudos to Mr. Robinson, whose age qualifies him to ignore the Internet altogether, for seeing the profitable possibilities in this move. But then again, Mr. Robinson has always proved himself to be a supreme opportunist in the best sense of the word. Having spent a lot of time in Hartford as a manager and consultant, and knowing the players well, I will be following this story with great interest.