Industry fights indecency ruling.

A television station in Roanoke, VA has been fined a maximum $325,000 for indecency; during a news story, a porn video was accidentally shown in the corner of one shot (less than 2% of the screen) for less than three seconds. Now both the NAB and the RTDNA have jointly filed comments on the matter. The organizations noted, “NAB and RTDNA want to make abundantly clear that the ramifications of the Commission’s action in this case reach far beyond penalizing a single station or a single broadcast group. From the broader industry perspective, the NAL is disquieting because it improperly intrudes into broadcasters’ editorial discretion. In particular, the extraordinarily punitive nature of the fine and the accompanying discussion of the NAL raise the specter that the Commission’s subjective view of the marriage of WDBJ-TV’s underlying news story drove the unprecedented decision here. As such, the FCC’s action is a direct affront to First Amendment values that undoubtedly will further chill broadcast speech.”