Hello Chairman Wheeler

The White House has nominated venture capitalist and lobbyist Tom Wheeler to be the new chair of the FCC to succeed Julius Genachowski, who is scheduled to step down in mid-May. Commissioner Mignon Clyburn has been named interim chair until the permanent one—presumably Wheeler—is confirmed.

Genachowski issued a statement praising both the interim chair and the chair-apparent, saying, “With this nomination and appointment, when I depart in mid-May, I’ll be leaving a revitalized FCC in great hands.” Clyburn, who becomes the first woman and the first African-American to hold the leadership post at the FCC, issued a statement saying, “I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to lead the Federal Communications Commission. . .during this transition period, and I thank President Obama for this incredible and historic honor.”

NAB President/CEO Gordon Smith, who earlier in the week praised Wheeler’s nomination, saying, “He has the experience and temperament to serve the agency with distinction,” said this of Clyburn: “NAB salutes President Obama’s historic selection. . . Commissioner Clyburn is a trailblazer and role model for millions of women, and her commitment to serving the public interest is unquestioned.”