Happy holidays from Hubbard.

Usually at this time of year, we have the unfortunate duty to report rounds of layoffs at major companies, iHeartRadio figuring prominently. This year, so far, Twin Cities-based Hubbard Radio is getting all the attention for two rounds of cuts: the first one was announced midweek, involving 11 on-air positions in Chicago. Then, later in the week, still more positions were added (or deleted, depending on your point of view) in Hubbard’s St. Louis cluster, including sales and administrative positions. Jeff England, the market manager for Chicago, where most of the cuts occurred, would not confirm the specifics, but did say that any programming reductions in force can be chalked up to “the shift from live broadcast to voice-tracking.” England went on to say, “As technology evolves, we have to look for ways to use it to our advantage.”

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