Give Until It Helps

Even occasional readers of this humble publication know how highly I value the work of the Broadcasters Foundation of America. In fact, the BFA has touched a life in my family and it made all the difference. So it is with that in mind, and in the spirit of giving that overtakes us at this time of year, that I share with you a letter from our friend, reader, tireless scribe and BFA Guardian Fund Chairman Bill O’Shaughnessy asking for your help:

In radio and television, we make our living with words. And images.

But how do we find the appropriate words—or conjure up the proper heart-rending images—to convey just how important and vital your Broadcasters Foundation of America has become to so many suffering colleagues?

We’re not doubting for a moment the worthiness of the many solicitations you receive from other charities. . .or indeed your own personal philanthropic activities in the local community.

But we hope you will also look kindly on our urgent mission to assist hurting and almost forgotten broadcasters—and their families—who have fallen on hard times.

The Guardian Fund of the Broadcasters Foundation of America has been a real “foul weather friend.” With your help, we provide emergency assistance to the less fortunate in our broadcasting fraternity, restoring dignity and bringing desperately-needed necessities to many retired senior colleagues beset by turbulent economic winds.

And others are not so old. Some—like you—even had illustrious and successful careers until they were overtaken in the prime of their lives by sudden catastrophic illness or a debilitating stroke for which their families were ill-prepared. Incredibly and sadly, many were without insurance or assistance of any kind. Some were almost destitute. Your support will also enable us to assist widows and widowers struggling to hold shattered families together following the untimely death of a spouse.

So we earnestly pray for your continued generous support for this remarkable humanitarian work among our very own in the profession you have distinguished for so long.

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