Gender analysis study released.

The Mentoring and Inspiring Womolin-kayen in Radio Group (MIW) has studied over 11,000 US radio stations, and found, among other things, that 17.3% of them have women in the GM position—up from the baseline year 2004 (14.9%), but down slightly (and statistically insignificantly) from 2014 (17.4%). More opportunities abound for women in the Sales Manager position, where 30.5% of stations have women in that position—and that number has held steady since the beginning of the study. The worst position for women? Programming, where only 10.9% of all stations have women in that role, pretty much the same as in 2004. According to MIW spokesperson K Olin, “there is an incredible talent pool of strong and capable female leaders, and they stand ready to make a difference. It is the responsibility of all of us in the media industry to make sure that we are conscientiously and consistently practicing inclusion.”