FCC urged to review candidate statements.

romanikThe St. Louis Post-Dispatch ran an editorial earlier this week asking the Commission to “review” statements made in political ads by and for Illinois state House candidate Bob Romanik, saying that “the filth spewed [by the candidate], a two-time felon, has no place on the public airwaves.” Romanik, who owns and appears on the air at WZQZ/St. Louis, and bills himself as “the craziest sonofabitch on radio today,” attacks St. Clair County Board Chairman Mark Kern in his ads, using language unsuitable for this newsletter, much less the public airwaves. The story continues, but it’s really more of the same: hateful rhetoric from Romanik and reaction from the Post-Dispatch, which, in one of its editorials, says, “Romanik makes GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump seem like a model of good manners and decorum.”