FCC releases net neutrality “fact sheet.”

The Commission has, in the wake of Chairman Wheeler’s input on the subject, issued a clarification as to what parts of Title II will be applied to the Internet. They include Sections 201-202 (regarding “unjust and unreasonable practices”); Sections 206-209 and 216-217 (regarding the investigation of consumer complaints); Section 222 (privacy); Section 224 (open access); Section 225 (encouraging the creation of new broadband networks); Section 254 (future Universal Service Fund support for broadband); and Section 255 (protection for the disabled). Even more telling is what will not be applied—rate regulation, USF contributions by broadband providers, and new taxes or fees. Editor’s $0.02: It would seem that despite the good in his recommendations, the Chairman has found a way of taking care of his own. Many of the open-Internet advocacy groups count this as a victory, but I see too many loopholes to concur too readily.