FCC proposes a solution to FM-translator mess.

The Commission has a new Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that would change the interference rules for translators, in two ways: First, it would establish new criteria for interference-based complaints – requiring at least six of them, each including full name and contact information; location; proof of regular listenership (two times per month minimum); and proof that the individual has no legal, financial, or familial relationship with the favored station. Once the threshold of six complaints is reached, the aggrieved station must submit a map showing where all the complaints are coming from in relation to the station’s 54 dBu contour. When those conditions are met, the new rules would eliminate remediation and presume the interference is real. Then, second, the new rule would allow translators to move to a new channel in the same bad with just a minor modification application once such interference has been established.