What is the Small Market Radio Newsletter?

The Small Market Radio Newsletter–commonly known as “SMRN“–is the industry’s only publication devoted exclusively to small market broadcasters around the world.

How do you define “small-market radio”?

Our definition of “small-market radio” includes unrated U.S. stations … small rated U.S. stations (markets 150 and smaller, typically) … and any station that relies primarily on local direct business.

Who reads the Small Market Radio Newsletter?

While the majority of our readers are from “small-market radio” as defined above, we also have a number of vendors (brokers, researchers, equipment vendors, etc.), international broadcasters from markets of all sizes, and U.S. broadcasters from larger markets (even Chicago and New York).

When is SMRN published?

Our newsletter is published every week on Monday, 52 weeks a year.

Does SMRN accept advertising?

Yes, thanks for asking! We feature display, classified and business card advertising. Click here for more information.

How can I subscribe to SMRN?

Again, thanks for asking. We offer one-year and two-year subscriptions; to find out more, and to subscribe, click here.

Other questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Click here for contact information.