Fair Play Fair Pay Act gets music-industry boost.

kalo-tedLast week was the “Music Community Week of Action in Support of the Fair Play Fair Pay Act,” an online ploy backed by our friends at the musicFirst Coalition. According to musicFirst Executive Director Ted Kalo, “this movement is built on a simple principle that grabs the imagination of everyone we tots—fair play for all music on all platforms. The fact that the US has aligned its system for compensating artists with regimes like Iran and North Korea is shameful. It is destructive to the future of American music and threatens the art of a new generation of artists. Some of the musicians supporting this bill are from countries where radio already pays a performance right in radio is still alive and well in those countries—contradicting the sky is falling claims of big corporate radio in the US. America’s failure to recognize AM/FM performance rights costs our artists dearly. . . Big corporate radio is on notice: we have our own megaphone driven by people, not money.”