Dan Ingram, 83.


One of the most popular, successful and funny radio personalities ever to strap on headphones, Ingram was a Long Island native who worked his way up from gigs at small New York-area stations to Dallas, St. Louis, and ultimately the legendary WABC. I worked with Dan and got to know him fairly well outside of “1330.” Besides being incredibly quick-witted, what I remember most about Dan was his interest in young jocks making their way. When I got a job at a Long Island station, during one of my first shows, he called me up and said, “We need to find you a job outside the area. You’re too damn good.” (I wasn’t, but his generous gesture meant a lot to me.)


People Magazine is reporting that Ingram died from choking on a piece of steak at a restaurant near his Florida home. He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2014, and the effects of that condition may have played a part as well.