Conclave director to retire

Tom Kay is departing the organization he has guided for the past 37 years. He first became involved with The Conclave when he was the PD at WJOH/St. Cloud, MN and joined the very first Conclave Advisory Board. Three years later he joined the Doug Lee record-promotions organization and at the same time became a coordinator at The Conclave. He went full-time as executive director in 1985, when the organization became a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

In speaking of his retirement, Kay said, “I’m proud of what I’ve helped build for these 37 years, and I feel uplifted that something I had a small hand in creating has had such a positive impact on industry and the people in it.”

Editor’s Appreciation: Tom is being characteristically modest describing his role as “a small hand.” The peripatetic Mr. Kay is the major reason that The Conclave has been such a respected forum for the programming side of our business for decades. He will be missed. That said, we wish Tom the very best in the next chapter of his life.