Commerce Supports Royalties

The US Department of Commerce has released a green paper on Copyright Policy, Creativity and Innovation in the Digital Economy, repeating an earlier position in support of the Obama administration’s advocacy for “legislation creating a public performance right for the broadcasting of sound recordings and enabling prosecutors to seek felony penalties for unauthorized streaming to the public.”

Says Acting Undersecretary for Intellectual Property Theresa Stanek Rea, “Copyright protection is a foundation for creative services and products that drive a significant part of the US economy. “

Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Communications and Information Lawrence E Stripling says, “In [the] digital future, the rights of creators and copyright owners are appropriately protected; creative industries continue to make their substantial contributions to the nation’s economic competitiveness; online providers continue to expand the variety and quality of their offerings; technological innovation continues to thrive; and consumers have access to the broadest possible range of creative content.”