Chairman Pai puts his mouth where the money is.

The newly minted chairman of the FCC was in Detroit recently and dropped by talker WJR, a frequent destination while he was merely a Commissioner. In this case, he spent some time with morning guy Paul W. Smith’s annual St. Patrick’s Day live broadcast. Smith lauded Pai for being “a fan of radio, a guy who really gets radio, especially stations like WJR.” Pai told Smith that he was making a tour of the upper Midwest, talking about the importance of Internet access, saying that “Internet access can really revitalize communities.” Quote of the week: When Smith asked the chairman how he came to be the chairman, Pai replied, “I call myself the Forrest Gump of Washington, ambling from position to position, and now I’m in the big office.”

(Chairman Pai appears at 2:35:08.)

In other Pai news, the chairman will be at the 2017 NAB Show in Las Vegas for a general session.