Broadcasters will see FCC in court.

radio-fcc-justiceThe News Media Alliance (nee the Newspaper Association of America) and the National Association of Broadcasters, in separate actions, have taken the FCC to court objecting to the Commission’s decision to hold onto the newspaper-broadcast cross-ownership ban. The filings were both made as Petitions for Review in the same court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. Said Alliance President/CEO David Chavern, “After 41 years of abiding by a rule that has long outlived its purpose, we have been forced to fight the FCC’s decision in court. For its part, the NAB’s objection hinged on the view that the Commission “failed to take a fresh look at the broadcast ownership rules and to repeal or modify them in light of those changes. . . The broadcast ownership rules are relics of a long-gone era.”