Broadcasters Foundation celebrates record year.

The 75-year-old organization dedicated to helping broadcasters in need is pacing to distribute over $1 million in aid this year, the most the Foundation has ever distributed in a single year. Boosting the total was over $200,000 in grants to broadcasters impacted by this year’s epidemic hurricanes and wildfires. Of course, that’s a good-news-bad-news situation, because it means that donations to the Foundation are more important than ever. As BFOA Chairman Dan Mason told us in our Small Market Radio Podcast interview, there are two ways to give: the Guardian Fund is for personal donations, while the Angel Initiative is for corporate contributions. According to Mason, “There are still broadcasters across our industry who need our help. It is incumbent on everyone in our industry to help ensure that the Broadcasters Foundation can continue to provide this much-needed financial assistance to our colleagues.” For more information about the Foundation and how to donate, call 212-373-250, email, or visit