At the FCC

The Media Bureau has opened a request by the Coalition for Broadcast Investment to look into the Commission’s foreign ownership policies and procedures for public comment. Comments are due April 15; replies are due April 30.

The FCC has opened a window for the filing of Form 349 applications for the 713 “check box” FM transmitter construction permits in FM Auction 83. The window starts February 26 and runs through March 28.

Two more illegal broadcasters have been tagged by the FCC: Bernabe Merino was fined $1000 for operating an unlicensed radio transmitter in Passaic New Jersey; Ricardo Millwood was fined $4000 for a pirate station located in the Bronx.

The Commission has slammed repeat offender Gary Feldman a whopping $25,000 for operating a pirate station in Miami. Feldman was previously fined $10,000 for another pirate operation in a different location.