Arbitron Updates Simulcast Reporting

The ratings company, beginning in 2014, will limit Total Line Reporting of simulcast programming to subscribers only. In other words, each AM, FM or HD multicast station or Internet in-stream involved in the simulcast each must be an Arbitron subscriber; those that are not will be reported separately.

New Arbitron Policy Hurts Small Markets?

That’s the view of Gary Burns, CEO of 3 Daughters Media, who wrote to All Access saying, “I really believe that Arbitron’s new policy on Total Line Reporting for non-subscribers has the potential to hurt small broadcasters. AM stations finally have the ability to broadcast on FM via translators. Many Arbitron markets have grown beyond their MSAs because only subscribers get to vote on the definition of the market. In many cases it takes more than one frequency to cover the Arbitron defined market, that in many cases has no basis in reality. I believe that the DOJ should look into this before the Arbitron merger with Nielsen is allowed to proceed. Arbitron should really reconsider this policy and should apply the same rules for all stations when measuring radio listening.”