Another way to save AM radio.

Richard Hahn and Michael Cassaro had the notion that radio needed a different kind of talk—no politics, no sports, simply solid entertainment and information presented by credible, reasonable hosts. From that idea was born the GLN Radio Network.

The fact that the programming is unique is just where it starts. Hahn and Cassaro have revolutionized just about everything about syndicated radio, including a very clever win-win-win compensation structure. You can listen to the network online at and decide for yourself.

Please be aware that GLN Radio is an advertiser in our newsletter, but I wouldn’t be writing these words unless I believed in what these guys are doing. The network only launched a few weeks ago, so it’s too early to tell how successful or impactful it will become—but it represents the kind of innovative thinking that our industry needs for the next dramatic growth spurt we so richly deserve.