Another Genius Move

Well, it looks like the kids in San Antonio have come up with another corner-office pandemic solution to what’s wrong with radio: too many salespeople!

I might as well have taken the meeting:

“We need to implement more efficiencies in our sales operation.”

“Can we voice-track salespeople?”

“No, wait, can we voice-track and syndicate salespeople?”

“Well, maybe not, but we can get them off the street. Use fewer of them and put them on the phones. That will certainly improve the amount of time they spend talking to clients and prospects without all that pesky travel and face-to-face nonsense.”

Was anybody listening when, just a couple of weeks ago, no less an expert than Erica Farber proclaimed that we need more salespeople on the street?

Has anybody been listening to the myriad debates and discussions that take place at conventions, on the list-serves, and on the phone, the consensus being that a tremendous competitive advantage accrues from the fact that we are one of the few media left that specializes in face-to-face customer service?

I’ll give you this: Managing salespeople is a lot like managing talent—it’s an inexact science at best, and the best of us succeed only slightly more than we fail. Our industry managed to “solve” the talent problem by boxing up the voices of our best and brightest and shipping them off to parts unknown—which is consolidation-speak for Mason City and Tarzana—thereby robbing the future to pay for the present.

I can hardly wait to see how this new idea works out. Or maybe we know already how it will.