And still they try to tax us.

Just when we thought it was safe to consort with congress people, a bipartisan group of them have reintroduced the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, seeking to “create a modern uniform system of rules governing music licensing for digital and terrestrial radio broadcasts.” The bill has drawn support from groups representing music creators like the Content Creators Coalition, the Recording Academy, and musicFIRST; not so much the radio industry, which, in the voice of NAB president/CEO Gordon Smith, is saying, “NAB respectfully opposes the legislation reintroduced by Representative Nadler that would impose a job-killing performance royalty on America’s Hometown radio stations. NAB remains committed to working with Congress on balanced music licensing proposals that help grow the entire music ecosystem, promote innovation, and recognize the benefit of our free locally-focused platform to both artists and listeners. We are thankful to the 165 House Members [168 as of this writing—Ed.] and 21 Senators who back the Local Radio Freedom Act that acknowledges broadcast radio’s indispensable role in breaking new artists and promoting record sales.”