Advertising Overview

The Small Market Radio Newsletter offers two advertising opportunities:

1. Weekly Newsletter

Our newsletter is published weekly and is distributed as a PDF (Adobe Reader) file via e-mail.

Although SMRN is distributed electronically, the layout is treated as a print publication …

  • Higher resolution than web (150 pixels)
  • Measured in inches

However, our delivery method gives you extra advantages over traditional print:

  • Full color (RGB)
  • Clickable links (but no animation)

2. Website

We also offer banner advertising on

Our banners are …

  • 300 pixels wide by …
    • 100 pixels high or
    • 250 pixels high
  • Standard web resolution (72 pixels)
  • RGB color
  • May be animated

Newsletter Rates & Information

Display Advertising

Flexible, customized layout … can include artwork and logo.


3-12 10.00
13-25 9.50
26-51 9.05
52+ 8.60

One-column by one-inch ads are not available in runs of less than 13 weeks

Example: A 2-column by 2-inch ad for three weeks =2 x 2 x 3 x $10.00 =$120.00


  • Three week minimum
  • Ads must run in consecutive weeks … except …
    • “13/52” schedules (13 insertions spread over 52 weeks) add 5% to 13-25-week rate
    • “26/52” schedules (26 insertions spread over 52 weeks), add 5% to 26-51-week rate
  • Payment must be received in advance
  • We accept all major credit cards, but due to problems with U.S. Mail service in our area, we discourage checks

On schedules of 26 and 52 weeks, and “26/52” schedules, you have the option of paying quarterly. Credit card only. We will automatically charge your card for each 13-week portion, in advance.


File format & resolution:

  • Resolution 150 dpi (pixels)
  • RGB color

File formats:

  • Uncompressed TIFF
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • Adobe Acrobat/Reader PDF (include fonts)
  • Photoshop PSD (include fonts)

Column widths:

  • One column = 2.45″ wide (368 pixels*)
  • Two columns = 4.95″ wide (743 px)
  • Three columns = 7.5″ wide (368 px)
  • Odd sizes are charged at the next highest size rate

*Approximate pixel equivalents are provided in case your ad-composition software does not use inches. One vertical inch = 150 pixels. Be sure to set your resolution                   to 150 pixels/inch.

Ad Composition Services

We can compose your ads for you for a flat rate of $50 per ad

  • Up two three revisions included
  • Over three revisions, $20 per revision
  • Update to existing ad, $20

Business & Professional Cards

Text only, up to six lines in a 2.4″ x 1″ box, grouped with other cards in a special section, designed for long-term presence.


Classified Advertising

No layout, artwork or logo–just straight text set in the font, size and style of our choice

  • 50¢ per word per week
  • Minimum three weeks
  • Minimum 30 words
  • Blind box $5.00 per week additional

Online Rates & Information

All banner ads appear in rotation on every page on

  • Rates
    • 300×100 banner: $25 per month or $250 per year save over 15%
    • 300×250 banner: $40 per month or $400 per year save over 15%
  • Three-month minimum
  • Monthly plan requires automatic credit-card payments
  • Artwork accepted as optimized PNG, GIF or JPEG file
  • Animated GIFs accepted
  • File size must be smaller than 40K

Ad Composition Services

We can compose your ads for you for a flat rate of $50 per ad

  • Up two three revisions included
  • Over three revisions, $20 per revision

Online Payments

Pay securely by clicking on one of the “Pay Now” buttons below.

  • Use the first (gray) button to pay with American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa
  • Use the second (orange) button to pay with PayPal.
  • Due to US Mail issues in our area, we discourage payment by check. Moreover, your advertising schedule will be delayed until your check has cleared.